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Extreme tricks on a fixed gear bike from wheely to handstand


Danny Macaskill and The Clan In Aberfeldy 2009

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The Clan are Scotland's Cycle Stunt Team, led by street trials rider Danny Macaskill. They all came round to Aberfeldy, Perthshire, to perform their daring stunts. The Clan are a bunch of well known BMXers, MTBers and Trials cyclists that show off their skills across the UK. The CLAN members are: Danny MacAskill Lynne Aitchison Nash Masson Duncan Shaw Fraser McNeil Check out WWW.MB7.COM/THECLAN and for more information. Song: 8105 (Moving Mountains) SUSCRIBE RATE AND COMMENT!!! !+—-EDIT—-+! Wow!!! 15000 views in only a couple of months! Thanks Guys! !+—-EDIT 2—-+! Thanks so much for the 20k views! !+—-EDIT 3—-+! For The most inspirational comment so far. "Practise lol, do it lots" By klapta !+—-EDIT 4—-+! 25k views! Thanks alot, you've been a great help! !+—-EDIT 5—-+! 30000 Views! Thanks Everyone! !+—-EDIT 6—-+! Thanks for all your support and the 40000 views! !+—-EDIT 6—-+! Might stop these weird EDITS, but anyway, thanks for the 50K Views! !+—-EDIT 7—-+! Thanks everyone! 100000 Views! !+—-EDIT 8—-+! Awesome! 200000 Views! Thanks Guys! Biking4Ever!


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This is what happens when a a girl a skateboard and a cardboard box are put t…


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Check out this guy as he demonstrates some really cool stunts on a Unicycle…..


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