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Van Nuys 1984, Unicycle Fight.


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Watch Lutz Eicholz as he performs an unbelievable unicycle stunt and breaks a…

VGManiac456’s Personal Favorite Tunes: Uniracers Race 5

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Vroom Vroom Vroom! Uniracers/Unirally is a SNES racing game that was quite interesting at the time. You controll a Unicycle (I think that's what they're called), and attempt to get first place. The game's pretty decent, but most likely long forgotten. What made me look for this song? Mostly nostalgic reasons, but the song's cool as well. Opinions on the song: As far as SNES chip goes, this was very good rock music. I've had some fond memories of this song, and it's very cool. I do not own Uniracers or the pictures that were used. All copyrights belong to their original owners.


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Man catches on fire at stunt show.


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Learn how to pop a standing motorcycle wheelie from a professional rider in t…