What’s a Stoppie?

stoppieThe “stoppie” — also incorrectly called the “endo” — is a motorcycle and bicycle trick in which the back wheel is lifted, and the bike is ridden on the front wheel by carefully applying brake pressure after timing the “bounce” of the rear suspension. It is also sometimes called a front wheelie or wikang. (The word “endo” is short for “end over end”.)

A stoppie is not a safe maneuvre to attempt, and will eventually — if not immediately — lead to the rider crashing hard, especially when on a motorcycle.

The trick is performed by progressively engaging the front brake and leaning forward. The rider then tries to balance by shifting their weight and keeping the rear wheel as high as possible.

stoppie stuntIf the bicycle rider does not have a front brake, then experienced riders may jam a foot between the tire and front fork while pushing forward. Stoppies can also be accomplished without front brakes, with the aid of a roadside curb. However, if the bike’s wheels are 24″ or larger, they will normally mount the curb instead of being stopped by it.

(The term “endo” can also refer to a crash caused by improperly landing with the front wheel first after a jump. With the rear wheel high enough in the air upon landing, a moving bicycle has the tendency to throw the rider over the handlebars and flip end-over-end.)

For detailed instructions, see our guide: How to do a Stoppie.