Crash Cages and Subcages

Stunters will modify their motorcycles to better adapt them to the sport. Stunting equipment includes:

Crash Cages

Stunt Bike Crash Cage

These cages provide more protection from damage than frame sliders. They are mostly used by stunters. There are many examples of cages on the market today, and a vast array of different designs and styles. It is very important to check around, based on the type of bike you have, as to what cage will work best at maximizing the protection for your specific motorcycle. A cage should be one of the first things purchased when learning how to stunt, due to the fact that most drops and falls will occur during this time!


Subcages are similar to crash cages, but for protection of a different sort. While crash cages are protection for the frame itself, motor mounts, and cases; subcages focus on protecting the subframe of the motorcycle. Certain subcage installations will also eliminate the stock passenger pegs, relocating them to a spot more appropriate for staggered stance wheelies, among other tricks. These pegs will, in some cases, be solid mounted to eliminate the possibility of them folding up on the rider when doing wheelies on the passenger pegs.