Frame Sliders & Front Upper Stay

Stunters will modify their motorcycles to better adapt them to the sport. Stunting equipment includes:

Frame sliders

Frame Slider

These large knobs are attached to a motorcycle’s frame to protect the fairing from damage should the rider lay down the bike. They are also used by many non-stunters.

Frame sliders should not be considered a substitute for a cage when learning how to stunt. Although Frame sliders will reduce the damage to the plastics and certain parts of the bike, they are not enough to keep from cracking motor cases or cracking the frame itself.

Front Upper Stay

Front Upper StayThese are meant to replace the upper stay on the motorcycle, which usually holds the upper fairing and gauges in place. This is only necessary when running a full fairing bike.

It is intended, like both the subcage and crash cage, to protect the front of the bike and to provide increased stability for the front end of the motorcycle. However, this will not save the front fairing from damage!