Twelve-Bars and Round-Bars

Stunters will modify their motorcycles to better adapt them to the sport. Stunting equipment includes:

12 o’clock bar

motorcycle 12 o'clock bar

12 bars as they are referred to are commonly used on stunt bikes. These bars attach to the subframe of the motorcycle and are used when 12ing the bike. These bars are meant to scrape the ground in place of the exhaust or tail section. Furthermore, with the introduction of the 12 bar came an array of bar tricks which all occur while the motorcycle is resting on the bar itself. These tricks include but are not limited to the ape hanger, watch tower, and various other acrobatics while the bike is on the bar. Only used by stunters.

Round bar

A variation of the 12 bar, round bars are becoming more and more popular now-a-days with riders straying away from bar tricks and increasing the technicality of Circle combinations. A round bar works on the same principle as a 12 bar as far as scraping the bar instead of the tail section or exhaust, but with one difference: The round bar is just that, it’s a curved bar that hugs the contour of the motorcycle tail section, with no flat sections.